MediLime Launches the New and Improved Tummy Button

Medilime TummyButton 3.0 14Fr 2.3cm

MediLime is excited to announce the release of the updated Tummy Button, an advanced solution for individuals requiring enteral feeding. This latest version incorporates valuable feedback from healthcare professionals and users, ensuring a product that significantly improves comfort and functionality.

The new Tummy Button features an innovative design that enhances flow and reduces leakage, especially beneficial for users experiencing high pressure on the stomach. Crafted from pure silicone, it continues to provide a safe and gentle experience, minimizing the risk of irritation around the gastrostomy site.

“We’ve listened to our users and made key improvements to the Tummy Button,” said a Tom Sannes from MediLime. “The enhanced design offers better performance and greater comfort, addressing common challenges faced by our patients.”

MediLime encourages healthcare providers and patients to request the new -03 version of the Tummy Button to experience these improvements firsthand.

For more information about the new Tummy Button and to request a trial of the -03 version, please contact MediLime.

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