MediLime Introduces the Large ENFit Extension Tube for Blended Diets

Medilime ENFit Extension Tube

MediLime is pleased to announce the launch of the Large ENFit Extension Tube, specially designed for users of blended diets. Blended diets, which consist of regular food that has been finely blended and administered via a feeding tube, require specialized equipment to ensure smooth and efficient delivery.

The new Large ENFit Extension Tube by MediLime addresses this need with an innovative design that facilitates the easier administration of blended diets. Available in two convenient lengths, 30cm (article number 0324-12) and 60cm (article number 0324-24), the extension tube is engineered to enhance the feeding experience for both patients and caregivers.

“Blended diets are an important nutritional option for many of our patients, and we recognized the need for a specialized extension tube to support this method of feeding,” said Marco Kropman from MediLime. “The Large ENFit Extension Tube is designed to provide a more comfortable and efficient way to administer blended diets, reducing the challenges associated with this feeding approach.”

The Large ENFit Extension Tube is crafted to ensure that thicker blended foods pass through easily, minimizing blockages and ensuring a smooth flow. This product is part of MediLime’s ongoing commitment to improve the quality of life for those who rely on enteral feeding systems.

Experience the benefits of the Large ENFit Extension Tube and see the difference it can make in the administration of blended diets.

For more information or to purchase the Large ENFit Extension Tube, please contact MediLime.

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