MediLime products are developed in collaboration with specialists and users. Do you have a question about your feeding product or are you looking for an item? Our customer service and product experts will be happy to assist you. We would also like to refer some useful documents to you, such as the Care Tips for the MediLime Tummy Button and MediLime Extension Tubes.

Product information

For product information about the MediLime Products
you can contact:

The Netherlands: Cobra Medical B.V. / +31 (0)50 528 04 98

Other: MediLime B.V / +31 (0)85 40 19 648

Frequently asked questions

How can I purchase MediLime products?

If you are interested in using MediLime products, please contact MediLime at or call 31 (0)85 40 19 648. Our staff members will ensure that you can purchase the MediLime products.

Also, if you are interested in selling MediLime products, we will be glad to talk to you.

What is ENFit?

ENFit is the ISO standard (ISO 80369) for small caliber connectors. The system is specifically for enteral feeding and cannot be coupled to non-enteral systems (e.g. intravenous). This uniform system increases patient safety and reduces complexity. In 2015, the implementation of the new ENFit connection system for enteral feeding was started.
By 2015 and 2016, all enteral products were converted into a product with ENFit connection. The products that used to have a funnel, ENLock or LuerLock connection have been replaced with ENFit products.

The ENFit application system does not connect to the ‘old’ connections. This means that all products required to administer the feeding must have an ENFit connection. MediLime is temporarily supplying a large number of transition connectors so that the different connection types can be connected to each other. Connection is then temporarily possible with both the old and the new system.

It is important to acquire all products (extension tubes, syringes, pump sets, vial adapters, etc.) with an ENFit connector as soon as possible to prevent problems with the feeding.

How long does the MediLime Tummy Button last?

The Tummy button will last for three to six months. But it is best to replace the Tummy Button preventively after three months.

How long will the MediLime extension tubes last?

We sell the MediLime extension tubes in 10-pack boxes. We recommend that an extension tube be replaced every two weeks.