MediLime supplies a large number of (ENFit) accessories for the administration of enteral nutrition and medication through the feeding tube. The range includes bottle adapters, connectors, sealing caps, straws and clips.

MediLime is continuously working on optimizing its range and strives to bring the ideal product for everyone to the market.


To suck up medication using an ENFit syringe, matching MediLime ENFit straws are also available in three different lengths. These ENFit straws are suitable for every size ampoule. The straws are available in 8FR with an outer diameter of 2.7mm and an inner diameter of 1.7mm.

Straws and needles
Article code Description Unit
13051050 MediLime ENFit straws 50mm 30
13051100 MediLime ENFit straws 100mm 30
13051150 MediLime ENFit straws 150mm 30
13061038 MediLime ENFit needles 18Gx38mm 30
13061050 MediLime ENFit needles 18Gx50mm 30