MediLime offers a complete range of feeding syringes with an ENFit connection. These syringes are easy to connect to the other ENFit products. It is advisable to use MediLime bottle adapters or straws for proper dosing.

Product Features

Fitting ENFit
Unit Per 30 units
Packaging Box with 30 separate blister packs
Latex free YES
Disposable YES
Sterile YES
CE marking CE0120
Feeding Syringes
Article code Description Unit
0909-010 MediLime ENFit 1ml Feeding Syringe, low dose, with wings 100
0909-030 MediLime ENFit 3ml Feeding Syringe, low dose, with wings 100
0909-050 MediLime ENFit 5ml Feeding Syringe, low dose 100
0909-10 MediLime ENFit 10ml Feeding Syringe 100
0909-20 MediLime ENFit 20ml Feeding Syringe 50
0909-60 MediLime ENFit 60ml Feeding Syringe 30