The MediLime ENFit three-way stopcock is ideal for continuous feeding. By closing the tap, medication can be administered through the side port. This port can also be used for flushing. The stopcock has a Swivel, this facilitates the connection of syringes.

By using the ENFit three-way stopcock, the system remains closed, protecting the user from exposure to body fluids.

Product features

Material Body: TRITANTM
Swivel: Polypropylene
Latex free YES
Disposable YES
Sterile YES (until package is opened)
Packaging Packaged per unit
Unit Per 20 Units
Type barcode GS1
MediLime 3-way ENFit Stopcock
Article code Description Unit
0800-20 MediLime 3-way ENFit Stopcock with Swivel 20 pieces